Marine Notices

MN 7 of 2006 - Guidelines and specifications for pollution prevention equipment for machinery space bilges
MN 13 of 2005 - Safety and certification requirements for foreign recreational vessels in South African waters
MN 05 of 2014 - Reporting of oil spills and shipping casualties threatening pollution
SM6/5/2/1; SM18/1
Mon, 02/17/2014
MN 1 of 1995
MN 1 of 1995 - Vessels of less than 12m in length: Use of non‑approved navigation lights.
MN 1 of 1996
MN 1 of 1996 - Guidance to the Master for avoiding dangerous situations in following and quartering seas.
MN 1 of 1999 - Failure of water activated life jacket light batteries due to the breaking of the seals.
MN 1 of 2003 - The use of fishing masters on South African fishing vessels.
MN 1 of 2008 - Conditions for the approval of servicing stations for inflatable liferaft
MN 1 of 2009 - Requirements for safety drills, safety familiarisation and record keeping
MN 1 of 2013 - A review of incidents resulting in death in the South African fishing industry: 2012
Tue, 01/15/2013
MN 10 of 1994 - Safety of tugs while towing.
MN 10 of 2004 - Conditional exemption for masters of NPA harbour tugs engaged on voyages between ports in South Africa.
MN 10 of 2005 - The issue of a temporary pass through South African Sailing for a South African yacht
MN 10 of 2008 - Dangers of fumigated cargo
MN 10 of 2010 - SAMSA deck and engineer examiners and assessors
MN 10 of 2012 - Reporting of oil spills and shipping casualties threatening pollution
SM6/5/2/1 SM18/1
Thu, 04/12/2012
MN 10 of 2013 - Transitional arrangements for the Revalidation of Certificates of Competency and the Accreditation of Maritime Training Programs and Institutions following the 2010 Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention & Code
Wed, 03/13/2013
MN 11 of 1991 - Failure in the operating system of a fixed fire smothering gas installation.
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