Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (Act 1 of 1986)

Marine Pollution (Control and Civil Liability) Act (Act 6 of 1981)
Regulations Relating to the Prevention and Combating of Pollution of the Sea by Oil, 1984

Marine Pollution (Intervention) Act (Act 64 of 1987)

Marine Pollution (Prevention of Pollution from Ships) (Act 2 of 1986)     

Marine Traffic Act (Act 2 of 1981)
Designation as Marine Traffic Regulator
Marine Traffic (Inshore Vessel Traffic Services) Regulations, 2000
Marine Traffic Regulations, 1985

Merchant Shipping (Safe Containers Convention) Act Proclamation

Merchant Shipping (Safe Containers Convention) Act, 2011

Merchant Shipping Act (Act 57 of 1951)

Amendment of Tonnage Regulations, 1986

Courts of Marine Enquiry Regulations, 1961
Life-saving Equipment Regulations, 1968
Maritime Occupational Safety Regulations, 1994
Merchant Shipping (Carriage of Charts and Nautical Publications) Regulations, 2002
Merchant Shipping (Collision, etc) Regulations, 1996
Merchant Shipping (Dangerous Goods) Regulations, 1997
Merchant Shipping (EPIRB Registration) Regulations, 2002
Merchant Shipping (IGC Code) Regulations, 1998
Merchant Shipping (INF Code) Regulations, 2003
Merchant Shipping (Licensing of Vessels) Regulations, 2003
Merchant Shipping (Mandatory Ships' Routeing) Regulations, 1998
Merchant Shipping (Notification of Building of Vessels) Regulations, 2002
Merchant Shipping (Radio Installations) Regulations, 2002

Merchant Shipping (Safe Manning, Training and Certification) Regulations, 2013 

Merchant Shipping (Safe Manning) Regulations, 1999
Merchant Shipping (Safety Management) Regulations, 2003
Merchant Shipping (Seafarer Compensation) Regulations, 1998
Merchant Shipping (Seamen's Documents) Regulations, 2000
Merchant Shipping (National Small Vessel Safety) Regulations, 2007 (as amended)
Merchant Shipping (Training and Certification) Regulations, 1999
Merchant Shipping-Marine Pollution (IBC Code) Regulations, 1998
Safety of Navigation Regulations, 1968     
Maritime Security Regulations 2004
Merchant Shipping (Long Range Identification and Tracking of Ships) Regulations,2009     
Ship Registration Act (Act 58 of 1998)     
Ship Registration Regulations, 2002     
Ship Identification Regulation 2004     
South African Maritime Safety Authority Act (Act 5 of 1998)
SAMSA Regulations, 1998
Charges Determination, 2009     
South African Maritime Safety Authority Levies (Act 6 of 1998)     
Levy Determination, 2009
Wreck and Salvage Act (Act 94 of 1996)

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